Expert Witness

The complexity of life insurance puts many litigators at a disadvantage when disputes reach the stage of legal action. Special rules often apply if policies are part of a retirement plan or other tax-favored entity.
Even the methods of paying for life insurance—especially split-dollar and outside premium financing—can affect an outcome. Tax implications are another factor. 
In many situations, the plan the client bought or the manner in which he purchased it was inappropriate. In other cases, the right product was sold in the right way but the purchaser was still unhappy. 
Lance Wallach is one of few professionals who knows how these pieces work both alone and in conjunction with estate and financial planning. He wrote the book on life insurance that accountants and financial planners read to prepare for CPA certification. 
Lance uses his expert knowledge and vast experience to offer advice, opinions, and testimony to attorneys, accountants, and other individuals facing life insurance litigation. 
The services that an expert witness provides will depend on where in the legal proceedings the case is when the expert witness is called. The earlier in the process, the more an expert can help. Lance's expertise has prevented many cases from going to trial and ensured better outcomes for many clients.       
lance wallach expert witness


Lance Wallach has never lost a case!

Expert Witness

Lance Wallach is our nation's leading expert on captive insurance, 419 Plans, Section 79 Plans, & 412(i) plans. His expertise includes IRS audits, life insurance issues, Form 8886 filing, listed transactions, and material adviser issues.

Proven Experience

There has never been a lost case where Lance Wallach served as an Expert Witness. His expertise provides crucial evidence in IRS and tax litigation cases. 

Contact Lance Wallach now to give your case the edge it needs and the chance it deserves.

Disability Advocacy

We have worked with attorneys representing policy owners in litigation against major disability insurers. Disability insurance is supposed to provide assistance to the insured when income is interrupted or terminated due to an illness or accident.

How an Expert Witness Can Help You


lancewallachlogo-exwitLance Wallach's Office is nationally recognized for its expertise in retirement and pension plans. Lance was one of the first experts to speak out against captive insurance plans and his work has appeared in many nationally renowned publications.

He has provided consult to federal government officials and upper-level management of Fortune 500 companies on insurance plans and employee benefit.

Litigation Support

  • Litigation Consulting
  • Case Evaluation
  • Evidence Review and Forensic Analysis
  • Complaint, Petition, and Response Preparation
  • Damage Calculations
  • Expert Declarations and Affidavits
  • Exhibits for Settlement Conference, Mediation, and Trial
  • Active Litigation: Rebuttal Witness
  • Deposition Arbitration and Trial Testimony Reports